//Interactive Works


Mirrored Acrylic, Plants, Arduino, Audio, Capacitive Sensors

Documentation by Christian Ano

Bloom is an interactive sonic piece which features mirrored polyhedral shapes housing various plants. The four plants are connected to capacitive sensors and trigger MIDI signals when touched. Bloom was inspired by the concept of overcoming the fear of vulnerably in order to experience personal growth. This often happens when facing new environments and interacting with different communities. The contrasting sharp edges of the mirrored structure appear uninviting, which alters the participants perception of the piece. This challenges the audience to make the decision of experiencing bloom visually or through touch.


Aluminum, Servo Motors, Washable Markers, Audio

Static uses abstract drawings and social media references to comment on the pop culture industry. Lines generated by a drawing robot are highlighted by a static TV along with a compilation of TV shows audible in the background. Static was inspired by critical theorist Theodor Adorno, who coined the term Culture Industry and proposed the idea that popular culture is produced and consumed in a way that manipulates society into passivity.


In collaboration with Maisey Sutherland and Dana Kornelia
Projection, Laptops, YouTube Videos, Processing code

Broken Telephone is an interactive installation which uses network connections to present the concept of miscommunication through surveillance. Three laptops containing themed video compilations are placed in separate rooms. Processing code is used to collect webcam footage of the participants and live streamed to a neighbouring laptop. This creates a virtual environment for participants to interact with the content and each other. All webcam footage is sent to a fourth laptop and projected onto the wall.


Video, Projection Mapping, Foamcore

This project was an experimental layout for Tom Misch’s Crazy Dream. Crazy Dream projects Tom’s music video onto multiple surfaces, accompanied with colourful waves. The foamcore components can be rearranged to accommodate different spaces. This project demonstrates the use of the KeyStone Library, part of Processing.   Additional documentation can be found here.